My story

Lotus Haus Studio began as a journey of self-discovery. It was sparked by a desire to reconnect with my Chinese American heritage, as cultural traditions and symbols were lost within my family due to the Chinese Cultural Revolution. In 2021, I felt a pull towards jade, a symbol of pride and resilience. Unable to afford real jade or find quality jade-inspired jewelry, I decided to create my own.

Slowly, Lotus Haus Studio became more than just a brand; it's my creative playground and a bridge to a newfound community.

My mom instilled in me a love for experimentation and learning by doing. Even when her advice differed, she trusted I had to experience things firsthand to learn the lesson. This spirit of exploration fuels my design process, ensuring every piece at Lotus Haus Studio is crafted with intentionality, whimsicality, and a touch of randomness.

-- Rena Li

Our philosophy: failure does not exist

In the lens of Lotus Haus Studio, everyone is a creative. It's as simple as leaning into what makes you curious. Here, everything is crafted with a belief that failure does not exist - because you always win something at the end of the day: new knowledge! When you try something for the sake of trying it...

You learn your strengths and weaknesses.
You learn your likes and dislikes.
You learn what not to do next time.
You learn what to do more of next time.
You learn that things are never that serious.
You learn that it’s not the end of the world. 
You learn that things never go as planned, and that's ok.
You learn to love the happy little accidents.

Follow your curiosity with fervor.

Join me on this adventure! Embrace your own curiosities, and together, let's create something beautiful. :)

The 5 Haus Rules

  • Laugh often
  • Don't take things too seriously
  • Trust. Your. Ideas.
  • Chase your curiosities
  • Embrace the happy little accidents

Favorite quotes

"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right" - Henry Ford

"Trust. Your. Ideas." - Nae