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I started Lotus Haus Studio as a creative space to learn and explore my curiosities. So far, it has been an outlet for digital art, prints, jewelry, and apparel! In all my pieces, I draw inspiration from precious memories: made both in California and in Beijing. Jade holds a special place in my heart, as it reminds me of my childhood. Some memories include digging through my mom’s jewelry drawer every week to play dress up, and visiting my grandma’s home in Beijing where I tried to pry off those jade bracelets that cuff you for life.
As I matured, this chunky stone grew in symbolic value as I learned about its inherent healing, protective, and auspicious qualities. I grew to love it even more. However, being a young adult, real jade ($1000+!!) was something I could not afford. Therefore I wanted to create high quality and affordable pieces in a style that fits my own. I hope my pieces brighten your day in one way or another <3